Office Sound Masking and The Cone of Silence

In the TV show and in the recent movie, Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart, played by Steve Carrell in the movie) loves one of his gadgets seemingly above all others: the Cone of Silence.  The basic premise is that sound waves – in particular human speech – cannot escape the cone of silence.  Only those in […]

Increase Productivity and Concentration at Work

Most people are overwhelmed with distractions and interruptions at work. We spend our time and energy trying to concentrate, and lose our day to primarily unimportant tasks. This will be a constant battle in any office space, but here are some tips that can help increase your productivity and concentration. Prioritize your day. Before checking […]

2 Distraction Aids: Time Blocking & White Noise Machines

The cost of distractions As a manager, you know that distractions have a cost.  Usually it’s loss of focus/productivity, and therefore money.  A distracted worker is a disengaged worker.  Disengaged workers lose their sense of ownership in a project or task and also make more mistakes.  They usually suffer more stress and even miss work […]