Tips & Tools for Tracking Your Business Blogs

Business Blogging & Keeping Track of It All

Most companies have some sort of website and/or related blog that keeps readers interested and coming back to their website.  If you happen to be the privileged individual in charge of writing said blogs, here are a few tips and tools for keeping track of multiple posts and how to schedule them.

  • Blogging is more than filling in blank spaces.

    Blog in advance.  By writing ahead, you allow yourself flex time in case illness arises or vacation time arrives. Plus, writer’s block is pretty common, especially if you write for multiple blogs and/or on similar subject matter. It often works best to write when the ideas are flowing.  Rather than waste time staring at a bank screen, either switch topics or do something else for a few minutes until you get going again.

  • To keep track of my post needs, ideas, and deadlines, you can use a free printable calendar to keep track of which posts should be written when.  Plus, you can jot down any ideas you have and ensure you won’t lose it over time.  Finally, you can check off the post once it’s written and scheduled.
  • In addition to literally writing the posts down, you can also try an editorial calendar as a plug-in to keep track of scheduled posts.
  • Use a sound machine to block distracting noises.  Even this free online generator works magic when you need a little noise coverage.

Hopefully, one or two of those ideas will help you keep track of your blog(s).  Remember, we’d love to hear your tips to add them to this list!