Why You Need a Portable Sound Machine

We love our sound machines in our house.  A long time ago, we transitioned from having  white noise via fans to sound machines for the sake of safety for our children.  With shorter cords and no moving parts, I didn’t have to worry about  my children getting their fingers or necks stuck or worse.  However, I never really thought about what kind of sound machine we had.  I am fine with plain white noise (a hum) or nature sounds (chirps or running water), but I never really thought about much beyond that.

Since having three children and moving overseas and back, as well as traveling quite a bit, I have a few reasons why everyone needs a portable sound machine.

  • Travel.  The unfamiliar feel of a new place can be torture for our sleep and our kids’ sleep.  Having a portable sound machine that has adapters can help us all adjust faster and get better sleep.
  • Visiting friends and family.  If you have small children, getting naps in away from home can be challenging.  Having a portable sound machine can help baby or toddler feel like they’re still at home.
  • Power outages.  As crazy as it is, power outages are stressful enough without being able to put the kids down for bed or naps, or yourself for that matter.  Going portable means you can pop in batteries and get through it.

As I said, I never considered going portable for reasons other than travel until I found myself in a bind when our electricity went out.  It doesn’t matter how short the cord is if you can’t plug it in.  Sigh.  Whether it’s a power outage from a storm, a breaker problem, or just the electricians re-wiring your house during nap time, there are times you simply need a portable sound machine.  The advantage is that since it is battery-run, you can use it anywhere, any time.  This is essential when you have little ones (or even yourself!) dependent upon routine.

Sound machines or sleep aids are great resources for adults, kids, and babies.  They help us fall asleep and stay asleep so we can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle a new day.  That’s why it’s important to have a portable sound machine on hand for travel or power outages.