5 Tips for Naturally Overcoming the Winter Blues

Winter Blues, Fatigue, and Lack of Productivity

You may not officially have Seasonal Affective Disorder {SAD}, but that doesn’t mean that you love the winter and all that accompanies it.  As I look out my window, I see frozen trees and icicles and sanded streets.  As beautiful as it is, we’ve already had this view for 3 months.  It is demotivating to say the least.  As such, I often feel more tired and less productive in the winter, even though I sleep more due to lack of day light.  It turns out that this is quite common.  Feeling fatigued and unproductive is no fun, whether you work in a standard office, from home, or even stay at home with kids.

I’m not a fan of jumping into meds before trying some natural methods.  That said, here are 5 tips that are at least easy to try.

Tips for Naturally Overcoming the Winter Blues

In your personal life…

  • Exercise.  This is the first thing your doctor will tell you.  Not only is exercising good for your overall internal health, it makes you feel better immediately.  The natural high you get can quickly boost your mood.
  • Try a happy light.  Light therapy can be really helpful in getting you the “sun” exposure you need to feel brighter.
  • Pamper yourself a little.  Whether it’s some time away from home, or the kids, or work, be good to yourself, even for only 30 minutes.  Get a good cup of coffee, window shop, or do whatever makes you feel happy.

At work…

  • Take breaks.  If possible, take a walk outside.  If it’s too cold or blizzardy, walk around the building.
  • Try a sound machine.  Sound machines can help you tune out distractions, and they can also offer nature sounds which can help you feel more relaxed and less in a cubicle.  As a bonus, sound machines also help boost productivity because of reduced distraction.

There you have it- 5 totally natural tips for overcoming the winter blues.  Good luck and may spring come quickly.