Sound Therapy for Tinnitis

Ringing in Your Ears

There are many uses of white noise, usually to tune out distractions or provide speech privacy for the purposes of confidentiality.  White noise is channeled in through speakers in the ceiling so that distractions are reduced and people can speak freely without risk of being overheard.  This is a great use of white noise.  Interestingly, there is an additional use of white noise that some are unaware of; it is the use of white noise as sound therapy for sufferers of tinnitus.

What Exactly is Sound Therapy?

A few clarifications are in order.  Tinnitis is a condition that plagues millions of Americans and is best described as a ringing in the ears.  It is often portrayed in movies when an explosion has happened and nobody can hear anything except a sharp, intense ringing noise that overpowers everything else.

Unfortunately it’s not just action actors and viewers who suffer from such unpleasant sensations.  As previously mentioned, millions of people just in this nation suffer from various levels of tinnitis.  A highly effective solution that is also a one-time purchase is sound therapy.   Through the use of white noise covers the sound spectrum so that you can work or even sleep without the discomfort of tinnitus.  It’s as if the tinnitus has been muted because your brain literally can not process that sound in the midst of the white noise surrounding it.

A common question that frequently arises is how does trading one sound for another solve anything?  Good question.  It may seem counter-intuitive, but white noise covers the sound spectrum in a  peaceful way.  It is not sharp, painful, or even irritating.  It need not be excessively loud to be effective either.  Rather, the very nature of the sound itself provides relief. And if the idea of white noise doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of nature sound options available that are even more peaceful, such as a gentle stream, ocean waves, or even a waterfall.

The bottom line is that if tinnitus is affecting your life at all, sound therapy is the most readily available and usable resource you have.  Plus, it’s affordable and many models are portable, making them readily available to travel with you.