5 Ways to Use a Sound Machine

Sound masking is the use of white noise to cover unwanted sounds.  Usually sound masking is used for businesses to reduce sound and provide private confidentiality for workers and/or clients.  These are legitimate uses of white noise without a doubt, but not all of us use sound masking in a corporate context.  That’s not to say we don’t work, we just don’t all work outside the home.  From being a a teacher to a work-from-home mom, here are some of the ways our family has requisitioned white noise in our home.  Currently, we have 3 sound machines we rotate for various reasons in our home.

5 {A}typical Ways to Use White Noise

  1. earthearpysoundcard-300x280 (6)Sleep.  Okay, maybe this isn’t terribly creative,  but sound machines have proven quite useful in a variety of sleep situations.  From just wanting a good night of sleep at home to traveling in strange places to wanting a quick nap for yourself and/or your baby/child, millions have found sound machines to be their best shot at uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Jet lag.  Jet lag sucks, there’s no way around it.  Being tired but not being able to sleep at “normal” times or what feels like the right time to sleep is so demoralizing.  Like insomniacs, you lie awake when everyone else is snoring and while you can’t sleep, you can’t help but think about how tired you’ll be the next day.  Sound machines with a jet lag reduction feature can be quite useful when traveling across the US or abroad.
  3. Creative Role Play.  My kids use their sound machine for pretending all the time.  They love to make it windy or hear waves lapping at the beach or birds twittering in the jungle.  Their friends think it’s a ball, too!
  4. Animal Cages & Pets.  I never would have thought of it myself {maybe because I don’t like reptiles}, but our children’s museum used a sound machine with nature sounds for their caged reptiles.
  5.   Tinnitis.  If you’ve ever experienced ringing in your ears, then you know hos frustrating and uncomfortable tinnitis can be and how it robs you of sleep and even focus at work.  Sound therapy through a sound machine can really help the discomfort tinnitis causes.

Sound machines are a great investment for many families since they help with so many different problems or can be applied so creatively.  If you’re not sure about whether you like it or not, try out this free white noise generator.