How Sound Masking Helped One Real Estate Company

Noise Problems in a Real Estate Office

There are a number of noise issues in the real estate office.

  • Distraction- too much office noise is distracting while trying to work or make calls
  • Overheard Personal Information- other agents or passers-by can overhear personal information
  • Competing agents- there are times that the agent on the other side of a deal being negotiated are present in the office.
  • Lack of professionalism- similar to distraction, ambient office noise in the background does not sound personal and professional to a client on the other end of a call or in a meeting at the office

From distraction to a lack of confidentiality, conducting business in a way that honors clients and protects their personal affairs has become increasingly difficult.

A noisy situation

Meet Nick Barber: the co-owner of Sigma Relocation, an ever-expanding apartment-locating company in Dallas, Texas.  They were suffering a staggering loss of productivity and professionalism in their noisy call center.  Their specs looked like this:

  • 4500 square feet of open office workspace (main installation)
  • Mid-wall (42”) cubicle partitions and no interior walls
  • 48 licensed real estate agents working in a call center environment

The problem was that 48 naturally sociable realtors can’t keep their voices down even if they tried…and if they did try, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs.

The Solution

Thus, this business owner found that his seeming only option was to rent unused space.  Thankfully, there was and is a noise solution. Not wanting to spend more on space he really didn’t need, Nick and his IT department started to research sound masking which utilizes white noise technology so the brain can tune out distracting noises.  Choosing a system and sound masking company was the next step.  After researching and gathering nationwide bids, Nick and his team chose Speech Privacy Systems.  He felt that,  in addition to being an established and reputable local company, Speech Privacy Systems also had the latest technology in sound masking, which is able to maintain the right frequencies and balance of frequencies across the space better than older, plenum-based systems. Nick noted himself, “If you’re running the older technology, to get the same level of privacy, we’d have to probably be running at a noticeably higher volume.”   Nick also reported that they barely noticed the system was running, so adding noise was not a problem.  In addition, Nick said that everyone in the company was thrilled with the VoiceArrest and that there were no more reports of noise issues.  The last result Nick was delighted with was that he could finally fill every desk  since his company continues to expand by 2-3 employees per month.